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Jan 23, 2013 4:00pm PST
patents to a group of tech giants for $527 million. and cisco says it's lie byeing an israel start up that makes technology to help wireless carriers manage their network. today, walking away with a stake estimated $230 mill yichblt how is that? and broader markets today, stocks closed high yes, lawmakers voted to raise the debt keeling and tech stocks rallied amid better than expected earnings. your bloomberg silicon valley index closing up, google, and apple helping pull index up. >> facebook lending a hand to help suicide prevention, providing researchers at the suicide prevention group with posts from those that take their own lives, experts say it may help friends and family better identify warning signs. in san francisco, i'm emily chang, back to you. >> millions face two more days of bundling up. there is dangerous cold weather tightening it's grip on the northwest. >> so far, it's being blamed for four deaths. commuters drove through fresh snow. sun rise revealed frozen mississippi river. temperatures plunged to 35 degrees in some communities, forecasters expect th
Jan 7, 2013 4:00pm PST
surge in iraq and calling u.s. supporters of israel jewish lobby. >> this is an in your face nomination. >> john brenan is not new to the agency. national counter terrorism active role in the killing of osama bin laden. >> leading the agency in which i serve 25 years would be greatest privilege as well as greatest responsibility of my life. >> the possible link to controversial tactics during bush years caused many in washington to question the choice. he denied any insolvement. >> secretary of state clinton returned to work today for the first time since being side lined by a string of health problems. state department released this photo of clinton previding over a senior staff meeting following a stay where she was treated for a blood clot last week. the secretary suffered a concussion after fainting buring -- during a bout with a stomach virus. today, her staff presented wher protection for her head. >> washington is a contact sport. she opened a box. inside was a football helmet with state department seal, lots gf padding. e number of countries visited as secretary of state. >> a r
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2